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Values & Mission

As a mediator, my highest priority is to guide you safely as you find your new path.

As a mediator and coach, I hold to these beliefs:

To do no harm.
To provide all services with integrity.
To pursue understanding.
To behave with honesty.
To show respect, compassion, and tolerance for all.
To strive for excellence in my actions and conduct as a coach.
To work continually to improve my ability to help others.

What sets me apart from other mediators?

During my career as a therapist and coach, I saw firsthand the destruction that’s done when people do not communicate during the end of a relationship. I am uniquely qualified to work with you to formulate an agreement that meets some of the needs of both parties. Basically, everyone gets something, not everything, they want in mediation. I perform a crucial function by working with both of you in respectful way to facilitate an agreement, acknowledge and work through the issues and assist you in the development of solutions that give both people something of what they want. In addition, I welcome the opportunity to work with non-traditional families.

12 5R_edited.jpg
Open new doors.
Turn your ideas into actions.
See the world in a new way.
Fulfill your dreams.

It would be an honor to walk your path with you. Together, we can explore and discover ways you can better understand what’s happening in your life, make the changes you want, establish your goals, and put a plan in place to achieve them.

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