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Discover how professional mediation services can shape your future.

When should you hire a mediator?

Before the emotional, financial and spiritual destruction of a lengthy legal battle takes its toll on you and your family. Mediation is a better way. When you go to court, a judge who does not know you or your family can make the decisions that will affect all of you for many years. Hiring a mediator is better than going to court.  A drawn-out legal battle is costly, painful and serves no one.

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Family Mediation

The end of a relationship can be overwhelming even if both of you are expecting it. There are layers of anger, pain, disappointment and disillusionment. And it can be more complicated if you have children. Custody, support, time sharing, alimony, asset distribution — words most people think they will never hear suddenly become part of your vocabulary. Conflict of any kind in a family is difficult and requires negotiation and compromise. Those are the skills a mediator brings to the table.

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Divorce Coaching

Let’s be honest, no one goes into a relationship expecting it to end badly.  But it can happen, or if you are anticipating that it's going to happen, it's better to be prepared for that.   A divorce coach can help you to sort through many of the possibilities.   Guide you through the options and be a support as you make choices and consider how you want to proceed.    Your Divorce Coach will help you find the resources and strengths you have and need to move ahead.   Your Divorce Coach is able to  shine a light on the future when it is hard for you to see anything but the darkeness.  

Where are professional mediation services offered?


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