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You Can Do This

So, here you are. You made it through January and now you’re looking at February. The dreaded month for those in love. New love. Long-lasting love. Renewed love. Everlasting love. Every kind of love, except one. And, that’s no love, which is the kind of love you’re feeling right now. Everyone around you is talking about flowers, jewelry, dinner dates, romantic getaways and, surely, you are the only person in your circle of friends who is alone. At least, that’s how it feels.

Actually, since the last break up, it feels like a rock in the pit of your stomach. A huge hole through the middle of your heart. You had convinced yourself that the last date you had would turn out so much better. It seemed to start okay. The conversation was fine. You had a couple of things in common and, slowly, you started to hear crickets. Empty, long gaps when there was nothing to say because neither of you had anymore to say. Long, awkward silences followed by throats being cleared and soft coughs. Finally, a merciful “It’s been great, but I have an early meeting, so I have to call it a night. Thanks for everything. I’ll be in touch. You can hang here. I’ll call an Uber.” Both of you equally relieved.

Now, you’re asking yourself, “Can I do this? Can I really be alone on Valentine’s Day? Can I face this?” What will you do? Where will you go? Here are the real questions. What is it about your company that you don’t like? How can you be so sure you are the only one who doesn’t have a romantic dinner date? What else can you do that day that would be just as rewarding and give you a sense of belonging and satisfaction? Who else needs you? Consider those questions.

And, the answer is, YES, you can do this!! This day in this month is just as important or unimportant as you choose it to be. You make it what it will be. You Can Do this!!


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