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Is It Time To Clean Things Out?

It’s Spring and the flowers are blooming; the temperatures are rising and the grass is turning green. Most parts of the country are seeing the end of snow for at least a few months and people have begun to get out of the house and start feeling more energetic.

So many folks are looking at their homes—inside and out—thinking ‘maybe it’s time to make some changes’. That fence looks really old and tired and it could use a new coat of paint. That garden you used to love to weed and keep fresh with new plantings looks practically abandoned. As you look around the house, you begin to realize that you allowed things to collect during the past year or so.

Both physically and emotionally, you’re thinking. It may be time to go through some things and clear away some of those things that are cluttering your space. Maybe do some spring cleaning, so to speak.

Spruce things up a bit. So, you take stock. You look around the house. That old chair that you’ve had for too many years with all of its’ stains has to go. You meant to take care of that before the pandemic but you just didn’t get to it and now you see it in a new light. It really reminds you that you don’t need to hold on to things that you don’t like or that hold bad feelings for you. Maybe if something negative is taking space in your mind, this is a good time to work on moving it out. Some negative feelings about an event or a person? Maybe a job that you didn’t get or one that you lost because of the pandemic? Is it possible that the bad feeling just holds too much real estate in your head and you need that space for more productive things? It’s your choice to make that space for those productive things.

Is it time to clean things out?


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